The best intermediate / advanced surf spots in the South.

Yet another reason to visit this island : Surfing with a constant temperature of 30º.

What a  pleasure to surf in a swimsuit ! 

Do you want to improve your skills ? Or are you an avid surfer, always looking for the best waves ? Good thing Sri Lanka has the waves you need all year round. So heat up the  wax while I show you where to surf in Sri Lanka.

Coconut Point, Weligama

Coconut point is a classic A frame point break, powerful left and right breaks for a 400 m ride.

There is a reef  entry point or you can paddle from the sand on the right. Works best at high tide so generally sunrise and sunset. Usually a friendly local is around to give you tips on on the best entry and exit points.

Three Palms, Mirissa

From left to the coconut tree hill, there is a break which breaks fast on low tide and mellow on high tide days.

It’s a reef break and can be very shallow on the low tide. It’s off the cliff to access the channel easily. It’s a fun left hander for long boards and right peels off fast making it fun for short-boarders. The locals are friendly but show respect. The break works like magic with a swell of around 6 ft and light offshore wind, almost like in the magazine!

The Point, Mirissa

Some call this spot Urchin Feast in honor of the urchin that will poke your feet if you go out the wrong way. The surf spot is located on the right end of the beach where you will find many guest houses and restaurants.

There is a channel through which you can paddle to the lineup. Since its a reef break, you do not have to go to the last lineup to catch waves, since there are plenty of inside ones. The easiest way to get in is around the big rock before the spot. The right starts at the end of boulders, the further you go the longer your ride will be.

It is an easy wave but you will have to get some speed in order to pass the sections. When it gets to 4 feet the left will start to show up about 80 from the big rock and is a punchy fun wave to ride.

The only thing you have to be careful for is the get out of the water part. When you face the beach don’t go to the right where the fish wooden pole is aim for the opposite side. Look for the biggest tree on the beach, there is a 2 meters wide channel that is a manageable way out. You can also decide to paddle around the rock again.

Hiriketiya Bay Reef Break

Hiriketiya Bay Reef Break. A lovely intermediate to advanced point that really can only cater for a  maximum of eight people at once so don’t get your hopes up as it is a very popular bay now there  have been many articles in international newspaper travel sections.

A powerful left hander that holds  up to 8ft and can be rather unforgiving on a shallow coral reef. You can catch the same wave  further down the beach on the sand break with less power or right out the back at the bay entrance  for advanced surfers. Consistent waves most of the year.


Lazy Left:

As the name suggests, is a left wave on a deep reef that holds up to 2 meters on a good  day. You can get really long rides up to 500m on this one and it’s mostly a deep reef so pretty  safe. 

Ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers with a big swell. Perfect first reef break if you are a  beginner as it is usually a very predictable wave. 

Lazy performs best at low tide, unlike most other station wagons in the area. Good news if you tend  to get up late. 

Midigama Right : 

Just north of Lazys, Midigama Right is close to the main road and a short paddle out from the beach  rocks. Shallow reef break.

Unawatuna Beach Break

Unawatuna is about 5 kilometers south of Galle, it’s a developed tourist area with a range of package  hotels, independent guest houses and restaurants. Suited to family vacations and foodies the bay  has a shallow sand break and there is a left hand reef break for more advanced surfers.

The new man made reef, created to protect the temple in 2013, has changed the wave dynamic in Una but on a good day there is the potential for surf. Best to go with the local school as they will  know the nearby points that are working if this one is not. 

 Dalawella Reef Surf Point : 

The left reef break is a short ride of about 150m on a good day. Reef, rocks, corral and urchins.

 Bonavista Bay Surf Point : 

Good for learning just on the north of the Unawatuna temple peninsula. 3-5 ft with the right swell. 


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