The truth about Sri Lanka's South Off-Season: Counteract preconceived ideas

The south coast has a low season due to climate, tourism, and surfing conditions. What you will find in the main season (European winter) is a lot of tourists everywhere, warm sun and consistent and clean swell. The low season is attached in the common imagination to a lot of misconceptions. Indeed, we’re gonna see that this season is not the synonym of  un-surfable waves and rain all day. We are even gonna see that there are some advantages to visiting South Sri Lanka during the Low season 😉 

“It is raining all day long”

“Nobody is there, you will be alone”

“You can’t surf South beaches during off-season” 

“Everything is closed” 


I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase once in your life when planning your trip in Sri Lanka?

What if instead of listening to these common rumors that everyone says (sometimes even without experiencing them!)) you make your own opinion ?

 Let me tell you the truth 

 Of course, the ocean and climate are not as perfect as during the main season, but it is still worthy. The colors are even more beautiful, the rice fields and palm trees are greener, and most seasonal fruits are producing their fruits during this period. 

 What about the rain ? 

Based on my off-season experiences, you can definitely expect sunshine every day. Don’t get me wrong,  there will be some heavy rain showers during the monsoon seasons. However, it is mainly the roughly 10 minutes of random rain showers during the day that help you cool down in the tropical climate.

 Moreover, if you’re not used to the heat. Making a first stop to the South is the best way to get acclimated to the warm country. Not too hot / not too cold.. Enjoy this temperate climate to do multiple activities like visiting the White tea plantation, sea turtles, get a message.
Speaking from experience, the main season in Sri Lanka is sometimes so warm that you can’t do anything in your day. Walking on the street takes all your energy and forget to stay under the sun during mid-day..

Moreover, the number of tourists will definitely decrease. But is it bad news ? If you are not looking for that classic, overcrowded tourist holiday, the South is made for you.
Tourist activities, monuments, shops, cafés and surf camps (like ours) remain open ! Enjoy slow and restful holidays.

 Now what about Surfing ? 

Ok now THE most important myth to dismantle ! If you are a beginner, the South off-season is probably the best time for you to visit : far emptier line-ups than in the high season, and gentle waves are breaking on beach breaks. Have a look, for example, at the famous Weligama surf break.
If you are questioning in learning to surf in Arugam Bay (on the East Coast), I recommend you to choose South. There is less surf break beginner friendly and the few spots are over (over) crowded.

If you are an advanced surfer, you will still find your happiness in the south. The only issue is the inconsistency of the waves. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean your surf trip will be ruined.

Again, maybe you will prefer inconsistent swell and some rain showers rather than OVER crowded peaks in Arugam Bay and not even being able to catch one wave because of the number of people in the water. 

 I hope this article helps to demystify the misconceptions attached to the South off-season. 
Like I said, our camp remains totally open during this time, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


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