Co-working in South Sri Lanka

Are you planning to travel to Sri Lanka in the upcoming days or months?

If so, then we have the perfect guide to co-working and where to do it.  As you most probably know Sri Lanka is a pretty small island, which can make working online here complicated sometimes due to poor internet connection. 

Here we guide you to the best places to work and present our own co-working space. First let’s start by explaining to those who are new to the concept, what co-working is all about.

What is co-working?

Co-working is an arrangement in which people share a space dedicated to work. This helps to cut the cost and is convenient thanks to the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and services. It’s a place of calmness and respect where you can get the job done in the correct environment.

Who can use the co-work spaces and why?

Here in Sri Lanka most of the people who use the co-workspace are digital nomads and people who have brought a little work with them on their travels. This space gives the freedom to travelers to work from another country in good conditions.

One of the many issues here is the internet signal. Living on a tropical island this size brings its challenges, so we decided to up the game.

We know how much a good connection and clear signal in Sri Lanka is appreciated and needed. A lot of people have to pass regular calls on Zoom, WhatsApp, etc., and hold meetings online. These applications demand a stable and stronger signal to function correctly. That’s where we step in.

Where can you find co-workspaces in Sri Lanka?

Here in Sri Lanka, there are many places where you can get your work done. With businesses and cafés dedicated to this function, the nomad life is very attractive and easily leaves us all dreaming.

In the South of Sri Lanka, you have a couple of sweet places such as Verse and Salt in Hiriketiya bay, that are great for working. Our surf and yoga camp is located in Mirissa, so we know that around this area the options are limited. That’s why we decided to bring the co-working a little closer to home, in our camp.

Loose Keys: Our creative co-working space.

Yes, you heard right!

We now have a co-working space located in our surf and yoga camp, Mirissa. Next to the café at the front of our camp and a step away from coconut tree hill, you will now find Loose keys.

It is a calm and comfortable space dedicated to those of you who brought a little work with you to the tropics. We have thought our space through to make it the most practical and comfortable for you.

Our co-working space can welcome up to 6 people at once in an air-conditioned room. We have assured that each working space has its source of power and that the plugs are adaptable to the different countries that would need them.

Our internet connection is fast and reserved for those that are in the space which means no overrunning the signal. Leaving everyone with an easy and fluid connection to our network. The connection allows you to attend meetings, whilst respecting the surrounding space.

Just a step away is our onsite café, giving you that well-deserved break you have been waiting for. Although you will be busy you will not miss out on the tropical savors we have to offer. Ceylon’s coffee and teas, yummy cakes and snacks, fresh juices and smoothies should help you power through the day.

Note that the coffee and cakes are not included in the packages.

Opening hours and packages.

Our co-working space is open from 7am until 8pm every day of the week, leaving you plenty of time to get your work finished.

Concerning the price we offer different packages:

To access the space we start with 500 rs / hour (meaning even if you stay 30 mins it’s the same price). This gives you access to the space and its network alongside the air-conditioning and electricity.

If you wish to spend more than 4 hours with us, you access the 2000rs / day package. This grants you access to the space from the moment you arrive till the closing time.


You arrive at 9h30 and stay until 16H30 = 7h: 2000rs

You arrive at 8h – 10h = 1000rs


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