Beginner surf spots in the South.

Yet another reason to visit this island … Surfing with a constant temperature of 30º.

What a  pleasure to surf in a swimsuit ! 

Are you a beginner ? Do you want to improve your skills ?  Good thing Sri Lanka has the waves you need all year round. When beginning your surf journey it is important to choose the right place. We have prepared for you a list of places you can enjoy as a beginner. So heat up the  wax whilst we show you the best beginner spots to surf in South Sri Lanka.

Weligama ➜ Sandy village

Weligama spot is arguably the best place for beginner surfers. The main beach has its own surf  break, while the other small beaches in the bay have their own waves, which you can choose  according to your level.

Conditions are optimal here between October and April as this part of Sri  Lanka enjoys some 330 days of sunshine a year.

Weligama beach break

Weligama, translated as sandy village, is a great place to learn to surf, about a three kilometer stretch  of shallow sandy beach. One of the best places in south Sri Lanka to discover a connection with the  ocean and catch your first wave. Get there at sunrise for perfect conditions, it is usually quiet until 8am  so a good time to practice on the waves. 

The bay is protected from the wind and if the rest of the coast is blown it can be better here. Here you can catch a  400m ride on a slow, low power wave. Many lefts and right breaks that appear at different tides. Easily surfed when small, holds up to 5ft. Expect learner  drop-ins and to make some new buddies out the back!

Fisherman’s Reef

There is about a 800m paddle out  from a beach entry point awaiting you, so make sure to warm up properly before jumping in.

Near Weligama harbor across a reef zone. We would recommend you take a local knowledgeable surfer who can guide  you around the reef, it is very shallow in parts so take care of your paddle out route as the reef has  notched up a few board repairs. 

It’s the perfect spot to watch the sunrise from the comfort of your board or the beach. 


Mirissa is often considered one of Sri Lanka’s best-kept secret spots. As there are a multi-tude of great waves and breaks.

Mix of  locals, experienced surfers and a few travelers and you have the population of the town. As in Hikkaduwa, the best time to catch a wave is  October through April.

-Mirissa Bay/ The point

Mirissa is a beautiful crescent shaped, sandy beach surrounded by palm trees.

You can surf a low  power right-hander over reef break near the rocks and a left-hander near the harbor. Works really  well with a good swell up to 6ft, however check the local tides as the reef can become shallow when  the tide is out. Good for beginner and intermediate surfers to build confidence on a reef.


This is a good place to surf after your first few surf sessions, but you should not surf here alone if you’re a beginner.

Consistency of the point is doubtful. A rip could be found on high tide days. Access to this point is through the Mirissa beach or through the by-the-road fish outlet. Other than surfing, the area around Giragala is perfect for snorkelling and swimming on low tide days. It is an easy left, that is a beautiful ride when the size comes up to 3 feet.

Below 3 feet without wind it will be packed with beginners without knowledge of priorities and big epoxy boards. There is another spot further away, down the bog temple to the left. You could be the only surfers in the water there.

It is a bit of a hike especially barefoot, but it is worth it. Look for this to work on when Mirissa right is 4ft and above.


Hikkaduwa is one of the most developed surf tourist towns, originally a fishing village now – busy for  surfing and scuba diving are the main attractions. Some good nightlife if you feel like partying. 

-Hikkaduwa Beach Break: 

Located in the southwest of the island, Hikkaduwa is one of the best known surf spots in the country,  but still retains its charm. The spot is bordered by palm trees, thatched huts and restaurants. As for  the waves, they are regular, breaking out slowly towards the shore, and are particularly ideal for  beginners. The best time to surf here is from October to April.


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