Vegan food in the South of Sri Lanka

Vegan Food in the South of Sri lanka

Are you planning to Travel to Sri Lanka in the upcoming days or months and eat plant-based?

No problem, then we have the perfect Southern guide for vegan restaurants and coffees.

Sri Lanka is one of the most vegan-friendly destinations in the world. Many of the local meals are naturally vegan 

and if not they’re easy to find. 

Local Vegan meals


Sri Lankan cuisine has some vegan options, as well as vegan options for popular meat and seafood dishes. The local food is a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables like panda, okra, beens, cashews, beets and even potatoes. So I’m going to introduce you to some local vegan dishes.

Rice and curry: the curries in Sri Lanka are cooked in coconut milk and can be made from potatoes, bananas, mangos, jackfruit and mushrooms. The curries in Sri Lanka are mostly vegan, just make sure your curry has no eggs or ghee (purified butter) in it.

Hoppers: Hoppers are a breakfast dish made with coconut milk, white rice and a bit of sugar. They look a bit like pancakes and are often cooked in a small pan like a wok, that gives them a crispy edge and a soft centre. They’re also served with eggs , so you should first ask for a vegan one.

THE SLOW – Mirissa


THE SLOW is a completely vegan restaurant overlooking the ocean, right on the shore of Mirissa. They have a large selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So you can enjoy your meal at any time of the day.  The prices are more western than in other restaurants but the ambience and the food is totally good value. The opening time is from 8 am till 10 pm. If you wanna spend some relaxing days in Mirissa with delicious plant-based food THE SLOW also has some beautiful rooms. With a cosy surfer vibe and plenty of vegan options on the menu, it’s definitely worth a visit. 



Hangtime Rooftop Restaurant – Weligama


Hangtime is one of  the places to be in Weligama, they have a good atmosphere and it is a popular spot for Backpackers. You can sit right in front of the beach view, check the waves and enjoy your vegan jackfruit burger. The whole restaurant is lovingly decorated with plants and swings. The Rooftop is also a hotspot where you can meet new people, have some good vegan food or work from your laptop. The opening time is from 7:30 am till 9:30 pm.

Moochies – Weligama


You are vegan, gluten-free or do you have nut allergies? No worries, Moochies has something for everybody. A lot of value is placed on healthy and natural food. It’s a peaceful cafe where you can relax, meet your friends for brunch or take joy in a high quality meal. The opening time is from 9 am till 4 pm.

No 1. Dewmini Roti Shop – Mirissa 


The No 1. Dwmimi Roti Shop is a local food Restaurant in the heart of Mirissa. The Restaurant is managed by a married couple and you’re instantly gonna feel welcomed. The Employees are very lovely and respond to all your wishes. That’s why it is no problem to eat a vegan meal there. A great pleasure also to watch how the chef prepares the Kottu. The opening time is from 8:30 am till 10:00 pm.



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